The Lens of Opportunity that Illness Offers

By KM Huber It may be that we look through the wrong lens when it comes to illness and disease. We zoom in on illness to label it for further study. We examine all of its characteristics closely, sometimes so much so that we become our illness [...]

There Are No Maps in the Land of the Mind-Body

By KM Huber For the last two-and-a-half months, I have been on a healthcare expedition, an exploration of the continent that is my mind-body. There is no map for this type of expedition, not that I am one for maps. They are so…directional. A [...]

Stitches in Time: A Tapestry of Life

By KM Huber Every moment we are alive is a stitch in the tapestry of our life. Each stitch is an integral part of the series of scenes that make up the fabric of a lifetime. For as long as we live, this rich and precious fabric—our past—is [...]

Think Life is Rigged? It is!

By KM Huber I do not believe life is pre-determined, much less pre-destined, but last week had me wondering—at least for a while. Nothing in my world was as it appeared. I was stuck in some kind of state, a place in-between what I observed [...]

Getting a Read on the Day as it Dawns

By KM Huber In some parts of the world, this particular day has already spent its light but where I live, the light only now gently overtakes the dark. It is my first moment of a day, fresh and unique. It is still dark on this new day but what [...]

Flowing Through the Flame of Blame

By KM Huber When I open myself to learning rather than blaming and struggling against, I find the highest good in any situation. The flames of blame and the smoke of striving fade away. Often, I turn to the teachings of the Tao te Ching for [...]

Sailing the Sea of Chronic Illness

By KM Huber If you live with a feline, you are constantly reminded how integral sleep is to life. It is the way sentient beings unplug and get rewired as feline EmmaRose demonstrates in this image. It is her daily way to unplug regularly. I, [...]

Easter Blends Rebirth Traditions

By KM Huber Easter, a Christian tradition celebrating the resurrection of Jesus and life anew.  Easter, a mostly western world tradition celebrating the gifts of the Easter Bunny, eggs of many colors–the egg an ancient symbol of life [...]

Spring is a Cycle of Chances

By KM Huber The cycle of seasons is nature’s mirror, ours for the viewing. Mostly, we celebrate the dawn of a new season if not the length of time nature takes to make the change. We assign spring a date, anticipating an event that may [...]

A Plan Undone: My Theory of Everything

By KM Huber Every once in a while, a day takes on a life of its own. Often, when there is a plan involved. So it was with a recent Monday and my plan to see the movie, The Theory of Everything. The day began like any other Monday as I perused [...]