Sam Ash San Antonio Humane Society Benefit Concert

Sam Ash is hosting a Humane Society Donation event! A special live performance by the BekahKelsoBand & door prizes, Come out & donate money or items from the SAHS wish list and help them have a very Merry Christmas!
Stainless steel water/food bowls,Crates, Blankets, Towels, Baby Gates, Ice trays, flea combs, Puppy pads, Plastic Containers, Cat towers, Scratching posts/pads, Litter boxes, cat & dog beds, Kong toys, Feliway spray, KMR replacement milk, Esbilac puppy replacement milk.

It is on Saturday December 14th from 10a-3p.  At this time of year we know that so many animals have been abandoned or surrendered, and often this is the hardest time of year for the Humane Society to get the donations they need to keep up with the demand.  In the Giving Spirit of the Holiday Season we will doing a concert benefit; Bekah Kelso will be performing as well as The Latin Playerz.  We are requesting monetary donations or items from the San Antonio Humane Society’s Wish List (http://www.sahumane.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=43&Itemid=73)

There will be a volunteer from the San Antonio Humane Society here that day.

Everyone who gives a monetary donation, or something from the wish list will be eligible to enter for door prizes that include:

Concert Tickets to Led Zeppelin 2

Electrovoice Microphone

Roland Guitar Amplifier

Texas Ukelele

Trader Joe’s Gift Bag

Custom Bracelet by CreatedbyAngelaPerez

Free Music Lessons From Sam Ash Music

Gift Certificates from Sam Ash Music

Tee Shirts, Cd’s and more.

Special thanks to CreatedbyAngelaPerez, Electrovoice, Fender, Ibanez, P.Mauriat, Roland, Trader Joe’s, Twin Productions and Yamaha!

Super Special Thanks to Bekah Kelso as well The Latin Playerz!



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