WHAT GIFT CAN I GIVE A WRITER? By Vicki Hinze   A few years ago, I was shopping late for Christmas due to two weeks of flu knocking me to my knees–and I was reminded of Christmases past–and faux pas committed on behalf of well-meaning [...]

People Change

PEOPLE CHANGE By Vicki Hinze   Life is about people. What makes them work, breaks them, encourages or sparks the need to do the things they do in the ways they do them. Yes, good or bad, life is about people, which means that storytelling [...]

Moments of Grace

  Moments of Grace By Vicki Hinze     When you write, everything relates—it’s all fodder. Every single incident, no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time, eventually relates. Sometimes incidents combine and we [...]

The True Meaning of Thanksgiving

By Vicki Hinze   While this isn’t an article on writing specifically, it is a reminder to all writers that words have power—they can change lives, open closed minds and hearts, offer different perspectives that might be just what’s [...]

Are You a Candle or a Mirror?

By Vicki Hinze   On awakening, like everyone else, I have my rituals. One of them is to read from the Bible and then to pull a quote for the day and reflect on how the two–the reading and the quote–interrelate. The quote for today [...]