The Writer’s Truth

    The Writer’s Truth By Vicki Hinze   Why writers write is a question that goes back to the beginning of storytelling. The reasons are, of course, diverse, and as unique to the writer as the writing produced.  None [...]

Why Writers Write What They Write When They Write It

WHY WRITERS WRITE WHAT THEY WRITE WHEN THEY WRITE IT by Vicki Hinze Writers are a mixed lot and do what they do for many reasons, but it’s good to speak to specific writers about specific projects to gain insight on why that writer chose [...]

Inspire Me! Part 6: Coping with Distractions

  Inspire Me! Part 6:  Coping With Distractions by Vicki Hinze   Regardless of your specific career, we’re all bombarded daily with distractions. We don’t need lectures on adult discipline, we need coping tools, and [...]

Inspire Me #4: Things Writers Should Ignore

THINGS WRITERS SHOULD IGNORE INSPIRE ME Series #4 by Vicki Hinze   This is the fourth article in the Inspire Me! series.  The topic shifts to things writers should ignore, and this video specifically focuses on doing what you feel driven [...]

Attend a Writing Conference in Your Pajamas?

Wouldn’t You Love To Attend a Writing Conference in Your Pajamas? We’re inside the two week window for WANA Con! This is the first conference I’ve ever heard of where you can learn, meet and greet in your jammies. I am so in! And not [...]


CONFESSIONS – Book Review By Ellie Ann CONFESSIONS by Ryne Douglas Pearson, is an engaging, character-driven mystery. From the first page to the last, the outstanding prose hooks with drama and great characters. Chicago Police Chaplain, [...]

Moments of Grace

  Moments of Grace By Vicki Hinze     When you write, everything relates—it’s all fodder. Every single incident, no matter how insignificant it may seem at the time, eventually relates. Sometimes incidents combine and we [...]

Are You a Candle or a Mirror?

By Vicki Hinze   On awakening, like everyone else, I have my rituals. One of them is to read from the Bible and then to pull a quote for the day and reflect on how the two–the reading and the quote–interrelate. The quote for today [...]