The Day The Music Died

Three Stars: The Day the Music Died
The year was 1959. A bespectacled musician had just completed his first full year of fame on the pop charts when he decided to join a tour, almost impossible to complete; 24 midwest cities in the dead of winter under the span of 3 weeks. The “Winter Dance Party” tour was hoping to bring some warmth to the hearts of many a teenager, with rising stars such as Dion and the Belmonts, J.P. Richardson better known as The Big Bopper, and the newest member to the pop music galaxy, Ritchie Valens, as well as the bespectacled man from Lubbock, Texas known to all as Buddy Holly.
The tour kicked off in Wisconsin on January 23rd but due to poor maintenance and bad weather the tour bus soon became a breeding ground for the flu. On the night of February 2nd, after a performance at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa, Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens boarded a plane headed to Moorehead, Minnesota in order to escape the poor health conditions of the tour bus. They were never seen alive again. The very next morning the bodies of the 3 stars were found in a field, 5 miles northwest of the airport runway, apparent victims of a plane crash. February 3, 1959 was to become known as the day the music died.
2013 is the 54th anniversary of the unfortunate event, and rather than mourn the passing, San Antonio will be celebrating the music that continues to endure. The Korova will be hosting the 50’s themed show, dubbed “OH BOY – a tribute to the day the music died”, and are in collaboration with Jenny Luna of Hey Jenocide Productions, who has just successfully organized the tribute/benefit concert “Lennon Lives”. With acts such as Slick Dickens and Sara Flatten and the Redneck Trainwreck providing a rockabilly sound honed in the 1950’s, “OH BOY” could transform itself into a winter dance party indeed.

OH BOY – a tribute to the day the music died
February 2, 2013
Slick Dickens
Sara Flatten and the Redneck Trainwreck
Wings of Valkyrie
Ol Mikey and Johnny Rodd of Top Dead Center
Erin Ortega
Les Stevens
Miguel Castorena
The Korova
107 E. Martin San Antonio, Tx
For more information find OH BOY –  a tribute to the day the music died on Facebook
email Jenny Luna at HeyJenocide@yahoo.com

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